Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas "Things"

We've been busy with lots of "things." I say that with emphasis because I don't want these to take away from the meaning of the season.
This is Hud before his Christmas program at school. 
He's our little observer, he spent most of the time checking out the audience.
 He did do the motions to the songs, but I never saw his mouth move. 
We attended Cookies with Santa and again Hud told Santa he wants a slinky dog. Thank goodness we have that secured and Santa WILL be delivering this year :)
Hayden made this debut as baby Jesus in the children's program. He was wide eyed and watching his mommy the whole time.
And Hudson sang some songs for the church too. I mean he stood there and made his serious face and did some of the song motions. Anyway, in all of these "things" I hope we are pointing to sharing one thing-Jesus, the real reason for this jolly season. We've been talking about Jesus' birthday (Hudson loves to celebrate birthdays) and reading the story of Bethlehem in Hud's bible.I hope most that he understands that this isn't about Santa and presents (even though that part is fun), but that Jesus was born to die and save the world and live in our hearts. And that without Him, we are nothing in this broken world. I hope you all know that too and have a big celebration planned for the Savior of the world. Don't go through this season just doing "things" for our Savior has come and we need to celebrate :)

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