Friday, December 7, 2012

Hayden Greer {three weeks}

Hayden, here are a few pictures of you during your third week in the world!
You love to cuddle when you sleep! Mommy thinks you are getting spoiled, but it's so hard not to cuddle you when you want to.
We went to mommy's classroom and sweet Suzi held you and rocked you to sleep while mommy got some work done. We also tried to cheer on our Cowboys, but they just couldn't pull it out. We are hoping for a great basketball season!
Probably the most important thing that happened this week is that you got to meet your Gigi. Your Pops was very sad he couldn't come meet you to, but he's waiting for us to come visit. You also got to meet one of your aunts and some cousins and they all loved you. You also went to Ted's for the first time, one of our family favorites!
Your brother loves you more and more.
On your 3 week birthday we had a teacher lunch and all of the teachers enjoyed holding and loving on you. You got lots of kisses and snuggles and you LOVE that. Happy three weeks (a little late) sweet boy!

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