Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celebrating Jesus

Happy Easter!
We hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend with family and remembering that our Jesus is risen!
Yesterday we went to the church picnic and egg hunt. Hudson was really distracted by the other kids and the balloons in the room where his age group hunted. But if we handed him the eggs he would put them in his basket.
I had to share this picture because it is so sweet. Addie always wants to hug Hudson, but he usually turns the other way. I guess yesterday he was feeling extra sweet-he was giving her hugs in return.
I have to say that I think he is so handsome in his Easter outfit. Thanks to Ayden for passing down this blazer he was never able to wear, a large tie from his newborn days, and a new shirt this Easter outfit looks brand new but cost us little ;). I'm always thankful for a good deal!
Mom says that the boy already knows what it is like to have a wife because sweet Addie just had to fix his tie. Ha!
We didn't get many smiles out of him this morning at church. The poor baby burnt his hand on my curling iron while I was getting ready (it was definitely my fault) and he was VERY unhappy about it. I don't blame him, I would be too.  
We were sad that daddy didn't get to go to church with us this morning, but know that this is just a season of our lives that will soon be over. Someday (hopefully soon) he will be off nights and feel like a normal human again. We are so thankful for him and all that he does to support us. 
Here is the little stinker and his Easter basket. He got some bath toys, bubbles, an outfit and a Thomas the Train DVD. I'm not sure if he will like Thomas as much as "hot dog" but we will soon find out. His Mae Mae also got him the giant book in the background. It has different dogs on each page and spots to "pet" the dog. It's been a huge hit!

We pray that you know the risen Savior and that you have taken the time to praise Him today! Because HE lives we can face tomorrow!

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Jennifer said...

Your little guy is so cute! Glad you had a great Easter!