Tuesday, April 19, 2011

15 Months

Hudson you are 15 months old (yesterday!)
I am a day late getting your post up, but I want to keep updated on all that you are doing.

I really am not sure of your weight. My guess is around 22-23 pounds. We go to the doctor this week so we will get exact measurements soon.

You are wearing 12-18 month clothes. You will probably be in this size pants forever because your poor legs are just so short!
You are wearing size 4 shoes and we just moved up to size 4 diapers too.

You are SO very active! You are all over the house in a matter of seconds. You can get up the stairs (and move the gate out of your way) so fast it scares me to death. You are really good at climbing up and down the stairs, but it still makes me nervous.

You still love to act like a dog and most days I'm 100% convinced that you would rather be a dog. You want to play in their kennel, eat like them (no hands), play with their bowls, put their collars on, etc. It's quite the show!

Your favorite thing on TV (and the only thing you pay any attention to) is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I can't even explain what happens when you see it and how much you want to watch it. Your favorite part is the Hot Dog! song and that's what you call the show also. You now get the remote and tell us "hot dog." It's pretty ridiculous, but so cute at the same time.

You LOVE music. You spend most of your time at Aunt Erin's house playing the guitar and try to get on the stage to play the guitar at church too. You love to see the music part of the service and can't take your eyes off the stage while they are playing. I'm just sure you will be musical, it's in your blood (thanks to daddy).
You talk and talk and talk! You say mom, da da, ma ma (which is Mae Mae), hot dog, hot, dog, uh oh, papa, thank you, that that (when you want something) and non (Jon).  You still use baby sign language too. You sign more, up, finished, hat, and yes sir. Papa just taught you hungry and you love to do that one too. I hope I didn't miss any....

You are still a good eater for the most part. You still love your carbs the most, but aren't too picky. The funniest thing you do right now is suck the juice out of the orange slices instead of eating them. This poses a slight problem as you think you can now do this for all of your food...
You are in love with milk!

I think you have 15 teeth. I haven't been able to get in your mouth to count lately because you have your yucky mouth virus again. You also chipped your first tooth a few weeks ago. It makes me kind of sad that your cute smile has a chipped tooth, but it's still precious nonetheless.
You now sleep through the night!! You go to bed around 9:30 and get up around 7 or later. You also take a 2-3 hour nap around 11 each day! This is the best schedule you have had in your whole life and mommy is so thankful for it!

This past month you spent your first night away from mommy. I didn't do too bad leaving you except when you kept blowing me kisses and wouldn't let go of me. It's hard to walk away from you, but it's good for us to have time apart too. You were so good for Aunt Erin and you kept your sleep schedule which makes me so happy. Mommy and daddy also sold the very first house that you ever lived in and that makes us a little sad too. We had so many great memories with you in that house, but it's not where we live that is important. As long as we are all together we are happy!

You are such a joy to be around! You are just a good natured baby and don't get upset about too much. You are so fun and the best thing to come home to. Watching you grow is so fun and we love to talk about all the new and cute things you do, like blow kisses! Daddy and I love you more and more each day little stinker!

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