Monday, December 13, 2010

Staying Home

This weekend we had a few plans, but those quicky got changed and we ended up staying home.
Poor Hudson ended up at the pediatrician where our suspicions were confirmed that he had staph infection :( I hate this for the poor little guy. It is so painful. It's something his daddy has dealt with for a while and I had always hoped he wouldn't get it, but somehow he did. He is getting much better now and a lot less sore, I just pray it doesn't make it's way back around for awhile. 
He loved this fun toy at the doctor's office!
We ended up hanging around the house and wrapping a few presents and taking some good naps! For some reason he slept so well during this...
And we also learned TOUCHDOWN! Just in time for a Steelers win (aka Papa's favorite team)!

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