Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coming to your mailbox soon...

We are up bright and early on this Saturday morning so I thought I would show you some of our Christmas card designs. We order from Shutterfly. One of my favorite sites. I use it to print pictures of family and my school kids, I also use their Share Site to exchange pictures with the parents of my kindergarten friends! It's wonderful! I've also ordered a few Christmas gifts here along with my cards :)
They always have such good deals and if you are a member of this site they e-mail you coupons. I heart coupons.

The cute ornaments on this card say "Buy me, buy me!"

Words. I love the words on this card and the way they are all in different fonts. 
And the cute plaid on this one with the cursive writing :)
And the fun and happiness of this card. It's bright and cheery!

If you want to order a photo card go HERE,
or a stationery card HERE (I love these-they are a matte finish and on nice card stock),
or you can get a cute calendar with your favorite photos HERE! They make a great Christmas present-2011 will be here soon!

They also have great promotions going on right now so go HERE to check those out!

Also if you want to know how to earn free Christmas cards THIS is what you want :0

Happy Shutterfly Shopping,

P.S. None of the cards shown here are the ones chosen for our distribution this year. Watch your mailbox to find out which is my favorite ;)

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