Monday, December 20, 2010

Dry Gulch and Santa Cow

Saturday we went to the Christmas Train at Dry Gulch. It's put on by Church on the Move and it's an amazing ministry!
They have a really cool town with shops and food and theaters. I couldn't get the settings just right on my camera for this picture, but you may be able to see dad and Hudson waving.
We had fun enjoy the cool setting like this cute little country Christmas store,
the Stew and Chili house where we ate dinner,
and this candy and toy store.
We also visited Santa's Palace (it is beautiful)
and went to the Cowboy show at the Silver Dollar Saloon.
Our Santa experience was hardly more enjoyable than the last, but we tried. He just really isn't sure who this big bearded guy he keeps sitting with is.
At the end of our night, we battled the line to ride the train. It didn't end up taking as long as we thought to get into the depot.
The train ride is the story of creation to the resurrection with music and displays (some live). I think it's awesome the way they took the story of Jesus' life and put it into a short 12 minute summary to really show people what Christmas is all about. The money is really worth it to go when you think about the ministry you are supporting.
Hudson did so good all night! I was afraid he would be cold, would fight to wear his mittens, or get really restless, but overall he was really happy and good. We definitely wore him out-we didn't even get out of the parking lot and he was asleep!

This morning we went to Chick-Fil-A for a pajama party! It was a family affair and we were all in our jammies for free chicken minis!
He was really intrigued by the cows. He sat on Santa Cow's lap and enjoyed it much more than the regular Santa. I have yet to figure out why big furry cows seem more friendly than the jolly old man and his white beard.
He was actually very calm and thoughtful about the whole event. Everyone kept commenting on how good he was doing and it cracked me up because of our past experiences with Santa. He just watched them walk around the restaurant and really checked them out. Hudson even made the Owasso Facebook page!

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Melody said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the christmas train. we went last year and it was the most awful experience we have ever had!