Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday Scarf Craft

A few weeks ago my sister and I had a little craft project. This was just hours before the terrible stomach bug of 2010 hit our house. Anyway you don't want to know about that. It was disgusting. Terribly disgusting. But this project however is not anything close. It is easy, fun and adorable! And luckily it came before the awfulness that filled the rest of the weekend.
First, we took 4 old t-shirts and cut them up and made rings like this. This is Abby's. She did a great job organizing.
Then we used the hem of the shirts to tie the rings together and....
You have this adorable and probably not so warm scarf. But it's cute and isn't that what matters?!
I made my colors similair to that of the one I had originally seen. My lovely sister is a little more daring than I ;)
And I really LOVE the way it turned out.
It's the perfect I'm-not-getting-out-in-the-cold project!
HERE is the direct link for detailed instructions!

Happy Crafting!

Speaking of crafting, this weekend I crafted together this new blog design. I think it turned out pretty well :)

Have a blessed week,

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