Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Away

Last weekend we took a very long weekend away and had so much fun. So much fun that I'm still re cooperating because I ended up with a sinus infection or some kind of yuck that I'm just now getting over.

We started the weekend with one very special boy's birthday party. He turned the big ONE YEAR! He had an adorable little farm themed party and we had so much fun. I thought I would share more about this whole evening later.
After a long trip to Dallas, we stopped to visit one of my sweet college roommates. I don't have a picture from our visit so I have to share this picture of one of her guest rooms. They have the most adorable house FULL of bright colors and I love it! I really can't pick a favorite between the pink laundry room, the silver guest room, and this super fun giraffe ceiling...
Isn't it adorable? Now I just need to convince her to come back to OK to paint for me :)
After visiting one friend we met up with others :) Steven and Katie came up from Waco and we just love our time with them!
We took them to BJ's for Barbecue pizza and we shared a Pizookie!
It was our annual OSU v Baylor football reunion-but since we couldn't be there due to the events below we met up in Dallas to watch the game together.
We kind of spoiled ourselves rotten by getting a suite to all stay in together and be able to hang out and watch the game. I might never stay in a regular hotel room again...we so enjoyed it! But mostly we enjoyed the company of our sweet friends. We can just hang out, eat, talk, and have fun together-it's nothing fancy, others might say we are boring, but we just LOVE our friends. And we are just a little bit glad that our Cowboys stomped on them! (Don't mean to rub it in friends....)
After our sweet friends left, we were on to visiting family. Did I mention that this was one jam packed weekend? The reason we came to Dallas in the first place was to meet our sweet niece Emily and see her blessing. Hudson was not so interested in his cousin and just a tad bit jealous that his mom was holding her and not paying 100% attention to him....
This is Hudson's cousin Katy. She is so so sweet to him. She is just exactly one year older than him (by 3 days). She just loved on him all weekend. She would come sit down next to him and share with him and give hugs. I love this picture and that they are sharing leaves.
This would be Ryan's ENTIRE family altogether in Dallas for the blessing. We had so much fun getting to be together and have some family time. Can you tell that the sun is in our eyes?
I love that we got to travel as a family of three and get away from our normal routines for a few days. We had a great weekend! Hudson traveled really well too. The car ride down was a little rough because we sat in traffic for a terribly long time. But on the way home we made some stops at a few of our favorite places (i.e. Hudson's first IKEA trip!) and really wore him out. He didn't nap all day so he slept most of the way home. I think that fall back messed up his sleeping schedule too.
Side note: Hudson learned to clap while we were in Dallas. I give 100% credit to Katie. She kept clapping for him and before we knew it he was doing it too. They bonded really well. I'm not sure I can say the same for Steven-it's a little bit of a "I'm not really sure who this guy is" relationship, but they are working on it.

Goodnight all! Thank you for reading my ever so long post!
P.S. Katie-Feel free to steal these pictures :)


Katie said...

Great post! So glad we got to be a part of your jam-packed weekend! Tell Hudson the crazy clapping lady and weird guy that hangs around her miss him very very much! :)

Amber said...

We miss you all too!
P.S. The Baylor v. OSU game is on the weekend we will celebrate Hudson's birthday....I'm just saying!