Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Months

Hudson William you are getting so big!
Today we are celebrating your 10 month birthday!

You weigh somewhere around 20lbs.
You wear 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

You are still a good eater and love to try everything! You love to eat with your fingers-especially fruit, toast, crackers, cheerios, etc. Really anything, but those are the things you eat most. You really like water and drinking out of your sippy cup.

I think you are getting a better sleep schedule, but it seems like as soon as you do something happens to mess it up. You have been sleeping from 8pm-7am (at the latest). You get up for a bottle at 11 and 5:45-I'm praying you keep this schedule or it continues to get better.

Your napping varies from day to day. You usually take a small morning and afternoon nap, but some days you decide to take a two hour nap. And some days you decide you won't sleep at all and go to bed at 7pm. You are just so busy and napping is now a small battle. It involves  standing, jumping, singing, and throwing your bottle in your pack n play.

You have eight teeth! Four on top and four on bottom!

You babble so much and I think you make new sounds everyday. You say "dada" the most, but you still don't really know what that means. You also say "hi."

You are still crawling everywhere and you are hilarious! You are speedy quick! Your favorite thing to do is crawl to the dog bowls and bang them on the floor or the trash can. You are pulling up on everything and love to stand. You still scoot side to side a lot and bounce up and down.

You have learned to clap this past month and now you clap ALL THE TIME! It's so cute!
You still give "sugars" but it is mostly for mommy and the dogs. You love those dogs and always want to chase them, pet them, clap for them, and kiss them.

You have been going through a phase where you have to be held by mommy if she is in the room-this is just when someone else wants to hold you. If you are playing on the floor you are usually fine, but I cannot give you away for someone else to hold you without a whimper and whine.

The biggest memory of your life recently is finding out that you have Atrial Septal Defect. It is a hole in your heart between the top two chambers. It should heal on it's own but we are waiting to see what happens. God has control of this :)

Your personality is showing so much more everyday as you are learning new ways to express yourself. You are so happy and lovable and you couldn't be more of a joy! We love you baby boy!
Here are a few outtakes for you. We didn't have such a good start to our birthday photo shoot.
So we even attempted taking a few pictures on the floor, but thankfully after some dinner and crawling we got a much better result.

I can't believe that after the holidays are over we will be celebrating your first birthday. It is going to be here before we know it.

We love you Mr. Hudson!

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