Sunday, November 14, 2010

Steal of a Deal

So, if you know me very well then you should know I'm a bargain shopper. I love coupons, sales and a really good deal. I am always buying from the clearance section. So I've been searching for a great deal on a winter coat for H-man. It is just starting to get cold, so I really needed to find something. So I went hunting and here is what I found:

Ryan picked this out. I really wanted to go with the toggle jacket, but it wasn't as heavy as I wanted it to be-so I went with Ryan's choice.

And we have to keep the hands and ears warm too and of course Ryan approves of anything with orange :)

So with the sale, 30% off coupon, and $10 off coupon I spent a total of $11 for it all. Originally priced at $50 for both. There is nothing better saving $39!

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