Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tulsa Thursday and a Fun Weekend

Last semester, Ryan had a class in Tulsa on Tuesdays. This semester he has one on Thursdays so Hudson and I decided to take the big trip with him this past week. Here is a little bit about our day:
First we stopped in Pawnee to see my students perform their program, "Three Nanny Goats Gruff." It was great and my class did a great job at the bumblebees!
Afterwards my students got to meet Hudson! They were so excited we were there and really loved his dinosaur shirt! They thought it was cool since they have been learning about dinosaurs! I have missed their sweets hugs and loved hearing them say "Mrs. Hatch we misseded you!" They are so sweet!
Of course he couldn't take his first trip to Owasso without wearing this shirt....

He also got to visit with his buddy Julian and eat at my favorite place in Owasso!
And meet his cousin Sarah!
It was a long but fun day so Friday we spent most of the day catching up on our rest and just relaxing.
Saturday Uncle Jon and Aunt Ashton came to visit! We had a lazy day watching basketball and just hanging out.
Sunday we took Hudson to church for the first time! He slept through the whole service in his carseat.
Ryan was worried about the loud music, but it never bothered him! He could hear it part of the time I was pregnant so I think he was used to it!
We took him to LifeKids to meet Lindsey and she gave him this sweet gift! He was too out to know it, but he will appreciate it later when he gets to wear it. Thank you Lindsey!
Ryan's parents came for a visit and he got to meet his cousin Valerie!
This fun weekend pretty much wore us out! We spent most of Monday being lazy at the house and recovering from all the fun!

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