Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cuddle Buddies

Aren't they sweet?!
It's been a cuddly day here! Mr. H thinks that he needs to be held ALL the time right now. I love to hold him and cuddle with him, but it makes it extremely hard to get anything done! Oh well right?! I should enjoy it while I can! So we have spent most of our day in our pj's cuddled up under blankets. We were going to run some errands today and go to LifeGroup and see our friends, but it is just too cold to get out! I don't think it's even gotten over 30 degrees today! Brrr! So there is potato soup on the stove and we are going to stay snuggled up and watch American Idol. It's just one of those days where there is no need to do anything else!

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