Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Check Up and Signing

Yesterday we took Hudson for his two week check-up.
He weighs at healthy 8lbs 10oz and is 21 inches long!
Over the past week he has gained a pound and a half and grown half an inch in length! He is just a growing baby boy! He is perfect in every other way and our pediatrician is just great with him, we are so thankful for her!
His tummy is finally better and he is sleeping more! So we are taking advantage of that today and having a lazy morning!

In other news....
My little sister signed for Southern Nazarene University on Monday!
She will be rocking the volleyball court in OKC and we can't wait to take Hudson to see his Aunt Abby play! We are so proud of her!

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Stephanie said...

Ben was 8lbs 11oz and Andrew was 8lbs 12oz. So they were roughly the same size as Hudson is now! I can still remember Andrew that small. Ben is a little harder to remember, but that's also because he's so big!