Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bathtime and Visitors

This week has been off to a great start! Monday mom came for her regular weekly visit and we had a few other visitors!
Camryn is the daughter of my sweet teacher friend Sarah. She was my neighboring teacher last year and helped me through so much! I'm so thankful for her friendship and so happy that she and the girls got to come meet Hudson!
Ryan had a good time keeping the girls entertained! And it looks like Marley wants in on the fun too!
Yesterday was Hudson's first time in his whale tub. Finally his belly button decided it was ready last week and we are now free for regular baths. Thank goodness for no more sponge baths, he really hated those! You can tell by this face though that he isn't quite sure what we are up to this time. He didn't cry like he did with a sponge bath, he spent most of the time looking around trying to figure it all out. Hopefully his whale tub will make bathtime more fun!

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