Saturday, February 13, 2010

Overnight Trip

Thursday we took Hudson for his first overnight trip! Ryan had class in Tulsa and didn't have to work Friday so we thought it would be nice to stay the night and not have to drive home late. Hudson slept great away from home and even got a little snuggle time in Grandma's bed!
Friday we had a fun day! We visited mom at the donut shop and she got to show him off to her customers, we had lunch with my mom and Ryan's mom and Jessica and Sarah and then before we headed out of town we stopped by dad's work! Ryan worked their one summer so all the guys know him and were excited to see him and Hudson! Dad liked showing him off too I think!
We then headed to Pawnee to celebrate Valentine's Day with my littles. This is the outfit we had picked out for the special occasion, but of course it didn't even make it past 11am. Good thing we packed our plan B and C outfits because we ended up needing both of those too!
We had a great time seeing the kids and teachers and my sweet students made me this bulletin board!
Anyway, we are so thankful for a good baby who does well when we travel! We are off to get ready to watch the big Bedlam rivalry today! We will be wearing our orange! GO POKES!

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