Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What’s Going On

I feel like I haven’t posted much except for baby updates lately so here is a little bit about what the rest of us have been up to!

photo (58)

I feel like things haven’t slowed down much since summer started. We’ve been busy with so many things. I have needed to work in my classroom, had some meetings and sat in on interviews. So I don’t really feel like I’m away from school too long (but that’s ok). Huds has gotten to go to school a few times and he LOVES it. He loves to visit the office, play in mommy’s centers, eat my snacks, color, etc. He always says “mommy’s school far away” So true little man!

photo (57)

We’ve also been watching the Thunder games. Hud loves to lay on the couch with daddy and watch basketball. We were also fortunate to get to attend a game thanks to my sweet father-in-law! Thunder up!


photo (56)

We’re still working on swimming. The water is still a little cool and it takes H a while to warm up to the pool. I’m sure in a few weeks he will be begging to go constantly! (We did this exact thing last summer).

photo (55)

Blowing bubbles! This boy is a bubble blowing machine. ALL.DAY.LONG! No lie.

photo (54)

We’ve also been to the Library (we have to go weekly for new Thomas books) and it’s one of Hud’s favorite places.


And the Zoo! Of course the most important thing at the zoo is the choo choo train. Was anyone else aware? It comes in right above the baby giraffe.

More than doing “things” we are all loving more time together. I am cherishing all of these moments with our little man. Before we know it we will be chasing two of them around and begging for more one on one time with each of them. I am so thankful for family (and summer)!

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