Monday, January 23, 2012

Well Check and Birthday Celebrations

We have had a busy week of birthday celebrations at our house! Last Sunday we went to Arkansas to celebrate Katy’s 3rd birthday! Monday baby Max (a friend’s baby) arrived and Tuesday we celebrated Ryan’s 26th!DSCN6014

We celebrated with dinner at Buffalo (his favorite) then we went back to our house for presents and Oreo ice cream cake! Yum!

Wednesday we celebrated the big 2! We celebrated with lunch at Chick-Fil-A (ice cream included) and dinner at Compadres with these cute Mickey Mouse cupcakes. Ryan baked the cakes I did the icing and they were delicious!DSCN6036

Hudson LOVED opening presents! He is actually still asking to open presents!

Thursday we went to his 2 year check up!

He officially really dislikes the doctor’s office. He asks to go bye bye from the minute the nurse call us back. (the waiting room is all good because of the toys). But we made it through and the little guy looks great. Here are his stats:

Weight:27.8lb (48th percentile)

Height: 34.5 in (54th percentile)

I believe his head was about 19 1/2 (85th percentile) I almost laughed out loud when she said “big heads tend to run in families” ha!

He doing really great on all of your developmental skills! Right on track!

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