Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hudson William, I cannot believe I am writing about you turning TWO!

It's so crazy to think that it has been two years since your birthday, but it sure has flown!

I will update all of your stats after your two year check up. I can't wait to see how much you've grown.

You wear 18-24 month pants and some 2T shirts and jammies. You wear a size 6 shoe (YOU LOVE SHOES) and size 4 diaper. You really aren't into using your potty right now. You just like to play on it and that's ok.

You are still a great eater (I don't think this will change). You LOVE milk (especially chocolate), juice, water and ice! You really love salad with ranch, chicken, and chips. You aren't too picky though, there are very few things that you turn away from. You are really into "nandy" right now, so we have to hide it. Your favorite candy is "m m's."

I'm not lying when I say that you talk NONSTOP! You are like my little parrot who repeats everything. You  say more words than I could ever try to write out. And you are doing so good to put together simple sentences like "home see daddy" or "go Mae Mae's house." You especially love to say hi and bye to everyone that you see. Just yesterday you were stopping at each person you saw in the halls of the hospital saying “bye, bye  guys.” Your talking keeps us very entertained!

You are still in love with the car that you got for Christmas. You are obsessed with keys and are always trying to get a hold of someone's.

You are really into Mickey Mouse still and you cannot get enough of it. You carry around your Mickey stuffed animals, take him for rides in your car and beg to watch "hot dog" every time the tv gets turned on. You are somewhat interested in the Cars movie, but mostly only care to watch Mickey.

You are really into stuffed animals right now. You have Mickey and Donald stuffed animals that you have to sleep with every night. You also sleep with moose (remember him from your baby pictures?), Minnie (stolen from Abby) and your Scentsy buddy. OHMIWORD! It's ridiculous trying to get you to your bed while carrying twelve animals! But it's really quite adorable how you love on them.

I do think that the terrible twos have arrived a little early. You like to throw little fits to try to get your way and you think screaming helps you. I'm praying that this is quick and painless for us all (but I'm not sure it will happen that way). Regardless daddy and I LOVE and adore you. You are so precious to us and we cannot get enough of you. You are growing into an adorable little boy and we cannot wait to see more of what you will do. You have the best personality and it’s so fun to watch you. I pray every night over you that most of all you will serve and love the Lord. We love you Hudson! Happy 2nd Birthday! We can't wait to party!

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Jennifer said...

He's a keeper! Congrats on surviving parenting another year. I joke with Jacob that we should have Harper's first birthday a survivor theme, since it is also celebrating her surviving our first year as parents. :)