Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mickey Party: Food and Cake

(This might get long, sorry!)


We decided to have an evening party since I had a baby shower to attend earlier in the day. I really wanted to have hot dogs to go along with the Mickey theme, since that is his favorite saying and all. So from there I planned the menu to include all of our favorite characters.


We served Minnie Sandwiches (as in mini) and Daisy’s Fruit bouquet,

(The black two tier tray was $3-two dollar store trays and a dollar store candlestick. Add spray paint I had on hand and a little hot glue. Perfect for serving sandwiches!)


Pete’s Pretzels and Toodles’ Noodles,


Donald’s Dips & Chips and Goofy’s Goldfish.


We had Pluto’s Puppy Chow and of course a Hot Diggity Dog Bar full of hot dog add ons!


I found this cute red polka dot basket in the Valentine’s section and added the “Mouskatools” to it! You can barely see but there’s an old Coke crate (that I wasn’t using anymore) to hold the hot dog buns, I just spray painted it red.


The drinks were pretty simple, I just added a little Mickey to them with labels. We also had bottles of water.


The cake table was probably my favorite part! I used several vases I had on hand and filled them with red and chocolate candies. There were chocolate covered pretzels, red hots, peppermints and red/white polka dot wrapped chocolates. I got some paper popcorn holders and filled them with caramel, cheese and butter popcorn. The Mickey ears sign says “Clarabelle Cow’s Candy Bar” then I printed a few Mickey elements from a digital scrapbook kit.

400059_10100429397805322_17109982_46945042_1925384072_n 396728_10100429392545862_17109982_46945013_1898352687_n

I made the sign on the left with Mickey and Hudson quotes and framed one of H’s birthday pictures for the table too.

395792_10100429392780392_17109982_46945015_1168457264_n (2)

My INCREDIBLY talented sister made the cake. We looked at several pictures we liked and then came up with a design. I could not have asked for it to turn out more perfect! I LOVED IT!!


I seriously can’t get over it and it’s terribly hard to watch someone cut into such a pretty cake, but oh well!


I think this little guy was pretty happy with it too! He even got a little lick of icing before the party started!

Next up: Guests and Party favors!

(We’re almost finished!)

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Jennifer said...

Love the party! I'm having fun planning Harper's party too!