Monday, March 28, 2011

Copper Mountain Vacation: Daily Fun!

We always do the same thing each ski day we are there.
We head out in the morning to hit the slopes right after breakfast.
Then come back for lunch, a small break, and then head back out to the slopes for the rest of the day.
This year I only skied one day and spent the rest of the time hanging out with this precious guy! And our poor hurt Ashton :(.
The great thing about our condo is that we could ski right up to it at the end of the day!
In the evening, we all ate dinner together then rode the bus to hang out in the village.
Hudson loved riding the bus! He sat in a seat by himself and just watched all that was going on.
The village is fun because there are shops to walk around, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, restuarants and more!
We also spent a lot of time just relaxing around the condo. Skiing is a lot of work! And snowboarding too! Ryan and Nick took their shot at snowboarding and found out how hard it really was. YIKES! They were pretty beat up at the end of their days!
It was nice to just hang out as a family, have no agenda and relax! That's what vacation is all about right?!
Hudson also took his first few steps while we were there! He is getting so close to being a full time walker. I can't imagine him walking all the time because I'm so used to him crawling. Anyway, it's such a fun memory that he took his real first steps in Colorado!

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