Saturday, March 26, 2011

Copper Mountain Vacation: The Condo

Ok, I'm back tracking. Two weeks ago began Spring Break 2011!I am trying to break this trip up into a few posts so it's not too long, but I want to get it all down for memories sake. It was a great time with my entire family. I'm so glad we all got to go together.
One of the most important parts is finding a great place to stay at the mountain. We had our "regular" condo, but the last few trips we have changed it up. I think that this is going to be the new "regular."
 The living area was great because there was a lot of floor space for Hudson to play! (It's funny how your view of things change when you have a child, i.e. space for toys is a priority!)
The kitchen and dining area!
This kitchen had all the amenities we needed! It's so nice because we cooked the whole time and really only ate out twice besides our travel days.
 The bunk room
The master bedroom 
The master bathroom
The bedroom we stayed in.
And our bathroom. Every bedroom had a bathroom plus their was an extra bathroom off the living room. It nice to have when 11 people need showers! 
The game area-we didn't play one game of Foosball, but Hudson sure thought it was fun!
The glass windows you see to the left are to the covered porch which had couches and a table. We could sit in there and watch everyone ski up to our condo!
We had so much fun here and already can't wait to go back! Up pictures of the trip!

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