Tuesday, February 22, 2011

West Texas

This past weekend we took a trip to the west side of Texas to visit family and friends!
It's quite a long drive, but Hudson didn't do too bad. He was a little spoiled by daddy...he got to watch a movie on the DVD player. I promise it wasn't this close to his face for long-just a few minutes. He really thought it was a toy with it in his lap like this, so we had to move it out of reach!
We went to John's Dr. Seuss party to celebrate his second birthday. Hudson looks so grown up sitting at a big boy table!
Hudson has 5 cousins, but they are spread out across three states so he doesn't see them very often. I think he had fun playing and checking out a new set of toys. Do you see Hudson trying to be sweet in this picture? He has his hand on John's leg.
After the party, we headed further west to my best friend's house! We took a drive with them to go to the Big Texan for dinner, but by this point Hudson was over his car seat and was causing quite a ruckus. I think he got Brax worked up. As you can tell by Ryan's face, having two screaming kids isn't quite "fun." It gave Stacia and I a good laugh though! Needless to say, they were all three worn out after dinner and slept the whole way home!
This was our first time to meet Brax. He was so fun (such a smiling boy!) and Hudson kept checking him out. This picture is a good reflection of their age differences-Brax still learning to be mobile and Hudson crawling away before I could take more than a few shots!
We had so much fun and are so thankful to have time to do things out of our normal routine and visit important people in our lives! Are you blessed and thankful for the people who surround you? I hope you've prayed for and thanked God for them today!

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