Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sickness & Snow Days

Well things haven't been so cheery around this house lately and at times a little odd. Saturday afternoon I began to feel a bit achy and feverish. I felt somewhat ok Sunday morning and after lunch when I put H down for his nap, I needed one too. I woke up feeling worse and finally convinced Ryan to wake up and take me to Urgent Care for a diagnosis and to Bixby to make sub plans.
After driving by the window at Urgent Care and realizing that it was already closed and the waiting room was still full I knew I was going to have to wait and visit the regular doctor on Monday. I managed to get through sub plans and made it back home and was back in bed.
Monday was the worst day in the illness and I got into the doctor only to find out that I too had the flu. It seems to be the current illness of choice, especially in my teaching district. Thankfully it was mom's day with Hudson and the next few days were projected with mass amounts of snowfall so I had a babysitter, as mom's business would not be open due to the weather. I spent most of yesterday in bed, but managed to get up a bit in the evening to try dinner and see Hudson (although I tried to keep some distance).
I remember Ryan waking me up to say he was leaving for work, but I was pretty out and unaware of the time. I woke up to a call from him this morning saying that he was going to work a double so that he wouldn't have to try and brave going to B-ville tonight, although that would turn out to be impossible due to the weather conditions. I got a text from him around 2 saying how much he wanted to be home and then I called his store to let him know of his rescuers excursion to come pick him up. Dad & Jon (the rescue team) had ventured out in hopes that they would be able to make it to 31st St. to pick up Ryan and bring him home because his little Honda just wouldn't do the trick. After almost 3 hours and making it no further than the closest intersection outside of our neighborhood they were back home and Ryan was looking for alternate choices, like a friend's house to stay at until he could get home. A couple of young men came into Ryan's store to buy cigarettes and Ryan asked what they might be up to for the day. Before Ryan knew it they made a quick stop at the driver's house to let his mom know what he was up to and they were off on their trek to Owasso. A few dollars, picking up my sister, and two hours later my husband is home & doesn't return to work until Friday night! Praise the Lord! He works in mysterious ways sometimes!
I'm thankful we have snow days so I'm not eating up sick time, my husband found a 19 year old that could drive him safely home & get my sister along the way, and I have family that takes care of Hudson when I just can't do it.
I'll praise Him in this storm!

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