Friday, February 18, 2011

13 Months

Hudson is doing so many new things that I want to be sure to keep up with it all. So I'm going to continue his monthly posts for a little longer so I can journal about all he is learning.
First of all, I have to start by saying that I can't believe he is actually over a year old! It seems like we were so excited about his first birthday and it's already been a whole month since the big one!
Here are some of the things Hudson is doing right now:
He has switched to milk and LOVES it! He really had no complaints about the new taste in his bottle, however, he does have complaints when it is in his sippy cup. We are still working on that work. Otherwise, we have a milkaholic on our hands!

He is such a good eater! He likes everything and has a little bit of a sweet tooth too!

We are at an in between stage between 6-12 month clothes & 12-18 month. He is growing so much though. I think he may be going through a growth spurt-he is always ready to eat. It may be partly due to how active he is!

He now takes one two hour nap (most days) and goes to bed a little bit later (9:00-9:30). He is sleeping better for the most part.

He loves playing with his toys and some of his favorites right now are microphones, trucks, and anything that makes music. He also likes to look at books a lot!

He likes to sing and we are hearing a lot more of that lately. It's so precious.

He talks ALL day long! His favorite words are hot, dog and hot dog. He also says mom, Dada, no no. He is making some new sounds, but we are not sure what word he is trying to form. He still uses his baby sign language too and we are working on the sign for milk.

He still loves bath time more than anything. He would spend all day in the water. He may be a fish like his Aunt Abby.

He is getting closer to walking each day. He is getting more stable when standing alone and loves to hold onto things. He go from one to another to get where he needs to go. He may be a late walker, but I'm ok with that because he is learning and growing each day. That's what is most important!

He is really loving right now. He wants to cuddle, be held, and gives hugs. This is very uncharacteristic of the Hudson we know, but we are enjoying it while it lasts. It may be over soon.

He really doesn't pay much attention to the tv unless he hears music on it. He does love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and watches it a few times a day. His favorite song is Hot dog from the show!

He also likes blankets a lot too. He drags them around the house and plays "Where's Hudson?" This is also new, he's never been really interested in blankets until now.
He loves being held by his momma, which can be tiring, but sweet. This too is a phase that will soon be over so we (even when he crys going to daddy) are trying to enjoy it.

He's so fun and active at this age. He definitely wears us out, but we love every minute with him!
Love you Hudson Hatch!

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