Friday, February 4, 2011

More Snow Days

It's a winter wonderland out there. Literally. And we have mostly been staying home. We ventured out to Target & to get wings for dinner. That was the extent of our exploring and I'm ok with that.
Just when we thought 20 inches was enough, we got more snow today! I haven't heard if there is a new total, but it was pretty falling from the sky and it snowed for a long time!
We've been having lots of fun together & relaxing too!
 We've just been spending time with this little guy and his new toys! He really has them all figured out!
 We've played give and take with him; it's a new favorite.
We also tried out playing in the snow.
Can you tell how H feels about this?!
Our squinty eyes! It is so bright out there! And cold too! We are hoping for a big 38 degrees this weekend! 
We have been practicing the right way to go down the stairs...
and have been working on the "King of the World" stance!

Our excitement doesn't end there either...We've also said "hot dog" about a billion times and played "Where's Hudson?" just as many! Everything is now a hot dog, even the real dogs and dragging our blanket around the house & draping it over our head is like our new fashion statement. We live the real life ;). And love it. Next up...playing in a plastic kitchen!

Anyone else found anything uber exciting to do on snow days?!

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