Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, but like always life with a baby is busy and there has been a lot on my heart and mind lately.
I've just been mostly needing a little break. I hate to be Negative Nancy, but I've been a little sad to see that people use my blog as a substitute for actually talking to me. And no I'm not talking to the majority of you. My few faithful followers and family, I appreciate you and am happy to have a blog where I can share my baby boy, life, and thoughts. But do you ever get hurt by people that you think are friends but come to find out maybe they were just using you? And they aren't really a friend at all...I'm just praying that God gives me peace and understanding.
I've also been thinking a lot about change. It's amazing how much things have changed recently in our lives. From jobs to living situations, relationships, and a growing baby. And everything inbetween seems to be changing too. It's not bad and a lot of it is good, but mostly it's just all different. And it's taking a lot of adjusting for all of us. Everyone goes through seasons of change, and it's just life. I think it's God's way of testing our faith a lot of times. And it's not always easy, but I know it's right. And I think God has this great plan playing out in ahead of us, we just can't see it all. We only see it in pieces and someday we will see the whole picture and realize how the pieces fit together. Like when you finally finish a puzzle and that last piece falls into place. So I'm praying for people going through change right now, because I completely understand that it's not always easy but the best is yet to come. I'm praying for God's guidance. That's the only way to find His will, just asking to be fully and completely in it and making decisions with Him. I'm sorry that most of you probably are bored by this, but I just really needed to share my heart.

P.S. These are a few of Hudson's 6 month pictures that his Grandma took him to do. I'll share more later!

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David and Sarah said...

Amber, I love this post! I can't tell you how perfect it was to read and what a wonderful reminder it was about change. And the pictures of Hudson are so adorable! I can't wait to see more!