Sunday, July 18, 2010

6 Months

Hudson, you are half a year already!
Here is your life at 6 months.

You weigh about 16 lbs and we think you are about 25 inches long. We go to the doctor this week so we will get more accurate measurements then.

You eat every 2-4 hours and eat 4 or 6oz at a time. You are still eating your special formula.
You also eat oatmeal every night before bath and bed. You have also been introduced to carrots and green beans. You finally got used to the carrots, but are still not sure about the green beans.

You had the best sleeping routine, but since we have moved it hasn't been the same. Right now you are up ALL the time during the night. It's not consistent at all. The only things that are consistent right now is that you go to bed by 9pm and are awake and ready for the day by 8am.

You wear 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.

Your hair has been growing back. It is really thick again, but a lot lighter. You still have that terrible mullet of hair that never fell out in the back, but mommy is going to take care of that soon.

You still love bathtime and really like to sit up on your own in your tub. You also want to play with the washcloth the whole time!

You love your exersaucer and spend a lot of time there each day.

You still hate being on your tummy! You immediately start fussing or try to roll over when you get put on your belly.

You roll from your belly to your back and from your back to your side. But you won't let yourself go all the way onto your tummy, because you know how much you don't like being there.

You are sitting up on your own for at least 30 seconds at a time. Sometimes shorter or longer depending on when you decide to start kicking those legs and make yourself fall over.

You also love to stand all the time and stomp your feet!

You laugh all the time! Everything is funny to you.

You LOVE the dogs! You laugh and coo at them and try to get their attention. You reach out to pet them when they walk by and you especially like Marley (probably because she will get the closest to you).

You love to touch EVERYTHING in your reach. You rub your hand on the pillows, blankets, etc to feel them. You reach for everything when you sit at the counter while I cook dinner.

The biggest change that has happened in your life the past month is that you moved to a new city and a new house. You are still adjusting (mostly in the sleep department) and love that there are a lot more people around all the time.

Mommy is loving spending the summer days with you and will sure miss you when she goes back to work. We love you so much and love watching you change each day. It's amazing how different you are than the day you were born! We love you more today than we did that day too; I don't even know how that is possible though.

Ha! It's getting harder to take your picture everyday because you are so active!
But you are so much fun!
Hudson, you are one loved, playful, fun, and delightful baby!
We love you!

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