Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Papa’s Cabin

We went away for a night at “Papa’s cabin” aka family camp.


He begged and begged to go to the Splash Pad and we finally got settled in and dressed to go. He was SO excited!


He slept with mommy and Donald. I think we slept from 11pm-6:30am.


We played in the fire pit because camp is all about getting dirty right?!


And he had to wait ALL morning for the train. It was a long time until 10:30. He sat so patiently on the bench once we got our tickets.


The train ride is ever so long at one whole lap around the camp, but it made this little guy HAPPY!


We had lunch and sherbet at the local restaurant in town.


We did some more swimming while the boys fished, then Papa taught Hud (or tried to) to play golf.


Notice that swing.


Now notice that he is carrying the ball down. And then taking it out of the hole. There is a hit in there somewhere but it didn’t get photographed!


And needless to say by the time we hit the highway this little guy was OUT!

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