Saturday, August 18, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we headed to Texas for a wedding. My dad and Meghan’s stepdad are “adopted” brothers. We have always said that his kids are our cousins although there is absolutely no relation whatsoever.


They have the cutest little downtown area. This movie theater was under construction, but it was really neat!


We also visited the local coffee shop with this neat wall! They had the best berry smoothie EVER and Hud carried it around saying “I drink coffee.”


He picked out this guitar while we were working on a wedding project at Hobby Lobby. He did LOTS of singing and playing for us!


We happened upon a Five Guys for lunch! It is one of our very favorite burger places. Hud loves the peanuts the most!


Dad performed the ceremony. He also performed the ceremony when Meghan’s mom and stepdad got married so it was kind of cool that he could do it! Notice the ceilings in the picture. It’s a really neat place they have remodeled for events.


Abby and I with that handsome man!


This is the wedding project we worked on at Hobby Lobby! Erin did the writing! If you need tips on writing on chalkboards you have to read THIS!


I absolutely LOVED this wedding detail-a bouquet with all different brooches in the center of the flowers.


These ladies are our “cousins.” And this is a really terribly lit picture!


My sisters!


Hud loved the cake!


And he was completely worn out after the wedding! He slept in bed with mommy. This never happens because he tosses, turns and talks so much that 5 minutes later he is in his own bed. But he slept great and played guitar for us on the way home!

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