Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shakin' It Up

We have had quite the weekend! Friday night Hud's buddy Brax got to come over and play! We went to bed and apparently had an earthquake while we were asleep! Thankfully the 2am shake did not wake us!
Saturday was a pretty whirlwind kind of day! We were up bright and early for our family garage sale. We did really well and sold a lot of things, including all of Hud's baby-12 month clothes :(. And I can now park in the garage! Anyway, we left the sale early to head to special little guy's birthday! 
His momma did the BEST job decorating his Car's themed birthday. They had it at the gym and the kids loved that! And it was absolutely adorable! These puzzles were a big hit! 
She even made the family matching shirts! I love that baby girl and I got to hang out with her while Hudson played his heart out! Check out his face? I actually think I was more scared of him going down that slide than he was!
Ayden's nonna is a baker! She made his adorable Cars cake and these little mini cakes for the other characters! Hud and I shared the yellow one, yum!
We came home and watched the Cowboy game and were so excited they pulled out another win! Then we had another earthquake and this time I was awake. Yikes, that was the scariest thing! Ryan was at work and Hudson was in bed. He must have felt it though because he let out two little cries and then went back to sleep. Our house got a good little shake and thankfully nothing was hurt and we are all safe! It's just so crazy to experience something that you think will "never happen to you." Anyone else out there experience the quakes?
Anyway today has been a busy day preparing for the coming week and Hud got to play with Uncle "non" and Ash while I worked. Then he had another play date with Brax and I have yet to take any pictures of them together. I'm so thankful for relaxing times with friends, but sad to see them go back home.
I will probably have to post some of the cute things we are doing at school this week! Thanks to Pinterest we have some cute Thanksgiving projects coming up! Is it really already time for turkey?!

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