Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and Haircuts

I think this was the most fun Halloween ever! I'm really not a Halloween fan, I don't like the scary stuff associated with it nor do I think that anything about it glorifies God. But I think there is something simple and fun about kids in cute (not scary) costumes exchanging candy that is innocent and fun. Can't we just get rid of all the junk?
Anyway, we started this holiday by visiting the pumpkin patch after school. Hudson really enjoyed it (see post below). We picked this pumpkin patch because it had animals most of them were either called a dog or a moo, but he wasn't necessarily interested in feeding or touching them.  He really just wanted to pick pumpkins.
I was nervous about was his costume and really didn't have a backup plan. I tried it on several weeks ago to see if it fit and it was a disaster waiting to happen. I bought this costume last year and it was too big so we saved it. Luckily it fit! Just not willingly...We didn't spend any money on the costume this year, didn't buy any candy and spent $10 on a pumpkin bucket (why are they so expensive?). That's a pretty cheap holiday!
Anyway, back to the costume. The part that made it all so bad was the hat. He will not wear a hat for anything, it's just not worth the fight. So we put him in the car to get him dressed and he wasn't very happy with me. We told him we were ready to go get a snack and I slipped the hat on while he was walking and he was fine with it. Really? Oh well, I'm just glad that he wore it.
After the pumpkin patch we made our first stop for Trick or Treating, "Gamma's" house. He didn't really want to hold his pumpkin, but he knocked on the door and got irritated when she didn't answer quick enough. She gave him Hershey kisses and he got to eat one. Then he quickly realized that the pumpkin was for his benefit. Needless to say, he was happy to carry the pumpkin the rest of the evening.
One kiss was not enough and he was begging to dig in his bucket for more.
Aunt Abby took him around the block for tick or treating. He practiced saying trick or treat, but mostly just said thank you after he got the candy. He wasn't shy about reaching for it either. We visited 8 houses or so, got our mini Wonder bread loaf and by that time H was ready to be carried home. It was a successful Halloween for this little man!
And just for my own record, H had a haircut this week. This one was NOT a pleasant experience. He didn't want to eat his sucker, talk to Sarah, sit still, or be covered in hair. He was quite the disaster, but such is life with an almost 2 year old...

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