Sunday, November 20, 2011

22 Months

We seriously cannot believe that you are almost two Hudson!

You weigh a whole 27 pounds are about 35 in tall (Papa couldn't get an exact measurement because you wouldn't stand still).

We can't say that you have changed a whole lot since your last "birthday." You seem to be getting taller and thinning out. It's making you look like such a boy and not a baby.

You wear mostly 18-24 month clothes, but you still wear some  12-18 month pants.
You wear size 5 or 6 shoes.

You are saying new words all of the time and talk nonstop. You still use signs like milk, more, shoes, and finished. You are putting two or three words together in phrases. Your favorite thing to do right now is naming. You point to everyone and say their name. You also have to tell us about every one's possessions-they all have to be identified by who they belong to. You are always saying "Mae Mae's car" or "Mae mae's shoes" and on and on it goes. You will not stop until it is confirmed that you are right too. You are hilarious!
I do believe you are going to be my social bug. Everywhere we go you say hi and bye to everyone and blow them kisses.
You are still in love with Mickey Mouse and music. You love to play, but don't currently have any favorite toys. You play with anything, but mostly love to be outside and run around!

You are and have always been a great eater. You LOVE salad (with ranch of course) and aren't afraid to let us know when you're "hunee." We can't drive by a restaurant anymore without you rubbing your belly and saying "hunee, hunee."

You are a smart little stinker and we think you may hit terrible two's before two! You are not afraid to show when you aren't happy with something. You're meltdowns are kind of hilarious considering you are really careful to drop on the floor as to not hurt yourself.

We love you so very much! You bring so much joy and love into our lives. We don't know how we were blessed with such a special little guy, but we couldn't have asked for more! We love you Hud!
Mommy & Daddy

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Jennifer said...

Amber he is so handsome! I love his little red sweater! :)