Sunday, November 13, 2011

A few things

What a wild week! We've ended up with two sickly boys in this house so it's ended up being pretty low key around here. One is feeling better and the other woke up covered in vomit this morning. I'm sorry for the grossness of that sentence, but it's true. I'm praying we don't carry any yuckiness into this new week. We need to be healthy!

We had a busy week at school too! We hardly finished all that we had planned, so I'm sharing one photo of what we did complete. We celebrated Veteran's Day by making these cute soldiers to take to the local  Veteran's hospital. We had great discussions about how important the military is and how they protect us. And I just loved seeing my little girl's face light up when she was learning about how important her daddy's job is. Don't you just love kinder art?! These turned out absolutely precious! I'll be posting about our pilgrim week next, it involves all kinds of kinder cuteness!
We have reached a milestone at our house! An organized garage that can be parked in! We spent most of Thursday afternoon trying to get things cleaned out, put away and taken to Goodwill. My life feels so much more organized now! These two crack me up. They would much rather sit in their garage chairs, listen to the Cowboys game and be outside than watch it on tv and sit inside.

We tried a new recipe this week-Ryan is a dark meat fan so occasionally I eat it for his sake. We had these drumsticks in the freezer and I went searching for a good way to use them. I ended up here. They turned out great and I could leave them in the crock pot all day which made it even better!
I hope you've had a more exciting week than us! It's our last full week before Thanksgiving! I can't believe it's so close! I'm definitely looking forward to turkey!

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