Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Football and Fall

Nothing says fall like the opening weekend of college football! Don't let the pictures fool you, it definitely did not feel like fall at this event.

We have been excited for this game for quite some time! The sweet lady who bought our house, asked if she could take us to the game. She wanted us to come back and see the work she had done and invited us to go along to the game with her.

It was so cool to go down memory lane, but it's so weird when the house looks COMPLETELY different! I don't have any great pictures yet because the house is still under construction remodel, but when we have pictures of the finished project I will definitely share! She has moved doors, built walls, gutted the kitchen, and put down new floors. And there is so much more she has done too! It's adorable and Ryan was in heaven because the kitchen is a gorgeous OSU orange with black cabinets. If I let him decorate our house, that's exactly what every room would look like.

Anyway, after we went to visit the old place we all headed to the stadium for a small tailgate and the game.

Hudson had a lot of fun running around the tailgate and even found a little girl who wanted to love on him. He just played hard to get...good boy Hudson!

I can't say he felt the same way about the game.

He was a pretty happy camper until the pre-game festivities started and he was overwhelmed by all of the noise. You have to understand that we were on the front row behind the visitor's bench so everything was right in his face. And everytime the coaches would yell at the players he would just cry like they were yelling at him. Poor guy has a sensitive heart like his mama.

After taking turns hanging out with him in the tunnel, lots of M&M's and ice, and some time to warm up to his new environment he decided he liked it ok. I think as he gets more used to all of the action he will enjoy it much more. The poor guy wanted to cheer so bad, but couldn't get his "yay" and clap out due to all of the tears. And did I mention it was WAY past his bedtime?

Thankfully the third and fourth quarter were much more enjoyable for him and I think we are on the verge of enjoying live football. To top it off we won (Go Pokes!). It was such a fun day and we were so thankful for the opportunity to visit our old hometown. The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing too and the temperatures started to cool off to reflect the season that we have been longing for! I love football and fall and am excited they are both making their way back into our lives!
Anyone else anxious to see the leaves change, wear hoodies and eat soup?

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