Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The County Fair

Hudson needed a play date with his best buddy Ayden and it worked out perfectly that we could get together the same weekend as the county fair. You have to understand that Pawnee county is not exceptionally large so the fair consists of animals, and a building about the size of my house for contests and a concession stand. No rides, no sparkling lights, no "fair food." You can stare at every animal and prize winner for a long minute and be out of the place in 20 minutes tops.
Although small town, it's the perfect setting for two independent 1 1/2 year olds.  Hudson particularly loved to pet the "dogs" or goats. And he loved to point and say "duck." 
Neither boy was very interested in touching the cows, saying moo was plenty fun. 
The two buddies ran their tails off so they were hungry after their twenty minute tour. So after our  fair fun we took them to Click's, had some play time, and shopped in Ayden's closet. Hudson ended up way better off in this deal than his buddy Ayden, with four new pairs of shoes, a coat, jammies, and several outfits. I'm thankful he has buddies who share! And thank goodness for play dates and animals-they keep these cute boys happy!

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