Monday, August 1, 2011

Friend Weekend

Well, we've had a busy and fun "weekend." I wish I could share all 150 pictures I snapped on my iPhone throughout the fun, but that would be a little excessive. I'll just leave you with a short summary, pictures included.
It really started on Wednesday with a visit at Chick Fil A with Brax (I don't have any good pictures from this event). Hudson thinks Brax is so fun though and he called him baby all night.
Thursday, Hudson and Ayden got to enjoy the Splash Pad! If you want to know how much they liked it just check out Ayden's face. Need I say more?!
Afterwards, they enjoyed chocolate ice cream and play time. They had such a great day together!
Thursday night some our favorite friends, Steven and Katie, came into town for the weekend. We enjoyed their company and had to enjoy some of our rituals. We of course had to visit Ted's (it seems to be the best local attraction) where Hudson got his own mini sopapillas.
It takes Hudson most of the time to warm up to Steven, but they were doing pretty good better with each other by the time they left.
We also went to church and celebrated National Cheesecake Day with half price cheesecake! YUM!
We also visited the Route 66 attraction named Pops. It's such a fun place to eat and enjoy a customized beverage. I had Vanilla Dr. Pepper :) 
We all enjoyed yummy burgers and a great time. Do you get the sense that all we did was eat?! I don't think we normally eat as much in a week as we did in 3 days! 
And of course you can't visit Pops without taking this picture!
We are so thankful that our sweet friends made the drive to come see us! We appreciate it so much. We enjoyed a relaxing weekend with no big plans and LOTS of yummy food! We also had homemade pizza, ribs and potato salad, and a big breakfast of eggs, hash browns and biscuits. Are you hungry yet? If you come visit us you will enjoy the same hospitality ;)
We love you friends! Thanks again for the visit!

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Kendra said...

I've yet to visit Pops, though I really want to.. and yes, to take that obligatory photo! Looks like you all had a great time.