Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sick Day

This poor guy has had a rough day. It started as soon as he woke up and hasn't gotten any better. He's been running a fever all day and it has gotten as high as 103.9. Thankfully our clinic has weekend pediatric hours so we were able to go to the doctor. We found out he now weighs 25lbs exactly, but he has a viral infection in his throat-which means it's lined with blisters. He has slept more today than I ever remember him sleeping outside of his first few days of life. It really makes me worry when he can fall asleep just about anywhere. It is unusual for him to sleep anywhere but his bed or occasionally in his car seat. Prayers would be much appreciated. I haven't been feeling 100% either and I need to go to work! And there is just nothing worse than a sick baby. It breaks my heart.

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