Sunday, September 26, 2010

Go Storm!

This weekend Hudson got to attend his first Crimson Storm Volleyball game!
Mae Mae got him this cute little outfit to wear so he could cheer on his Aunt Abby!
 We went by ourselves so I was a little nervous about how the 2 hour trip would go, but it worked out perfectly! He slept the whole way there and he got tired just when we were about to leave and slept the whole way back!
 We kind of surprised Aunt Abby and I think we did a good job! He was so good and watched all that was going on. He sat in the stadium seats, drank a bottle, played with the coach's son, and ate puffs. He wasn't too sure about the buzzer noise though. He played on the gym floor after the game and I'm pretty sure he thought he was big stuff.
We also got to visit Ashton & Meghan. Unfortunately that didn't go so well, because it was nap time and he showed them his grumpy side (maybe next time you all will get to play).
But we had a really good day and got to spend some good time with Aunt Abby! It was a quick trip there and back, but it was well worth it :) We love you Abby!

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