Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chicken in a Can

Frankly, I was pretty grossed out by the thought of giving my son chicken that has been pureed and put in a glass jar (not a can, but it sounded better for the title).
Hudson was obviously super thrilled by it, as you can tell by the look on his face. But we have tried it four nights in a row now and I think he has warmed up to it a little more each day. Thankfully he will pretty much eat anything. I pray this continues and he isn't a picky eater.
I apologize for the food all over him, but it's normal. He will hardly sit still long enough to get the food in his mouth so it just ends up all over him. Hence why he eats naked.  But the real reason I had to show you this picture is because you can see his top chompers. All four of them. Yes, four. Please ignore the food in his mouth....


Katie said...

Oh Hudson, you are going to be such a ham! We need to see you guys soon before he gets any bigger! I think Steven will find him much more entertaining now ;)

Amber said...

Katie we definitely need to see you guys soon! I can only imagine what kind of trouble Steven and Hudson could get into! Miss you guys!