Wednesday, April 15, 2009

diaper cakes and crafts

Here is a post dedicated to some recent craft projects...
I thought I would share and maybe inspire some creativity in you!
Happy crafting!
This is a sign I made for Ryan's office.

I saw this on someone elses blog and thought it was so neat! I really needed an earring holder too. All you need is a picture frame, scrapbook paper, and 2 rubberbands!
Now for the diaper cakes! I have only made three in my life (shown below) but I am getting better each time! They are really fun to make and you can do a lot of different things with them!
If anyone needs a diaper cake let me know; I would be happy to make you one!
This was my first one for my sister-in-law's baby. It was pretty simple since it was my first. We weren't sure if she was having a boy or girl so I kept it neutral.
John is my nephew and I made this cake for a shower I threw for him and his mom, Mandy.
His room is a jungle theme with lots of fun animals!
Baby Emma will be here in 6 weeks so I made this for her shower!
I love the pink and green theme they have for her room so I made the cake to match!
Can't wait to meet that sweet little one!


Alyssa said...

Someone gave me a diaper cake at my shower and I loved it! It's such a cute idea. Yours look great! On mine, they put little bows and headbands and stuff on the outer ribbons, just another idea for your future cakes! =)

Kendra said...

Oooh, I like the earring holder/picture frame. I believe I will try to make one this weekend. Thanks for the ideas!