Saturday, April 5, 2014

Baby H3 Announcement

Our family has known a while about this little secret, but we wanted to wait until my 15 week OB appointment to tell the rest of the world. We let Hudson tell our family and I think they were a little confused for a bit, but they finally understood that the heartbeat they were hearing wasn't just from a stuffed dog :)
This is our sweet thing at 11 weeks. There is just nothing that fills my heart more than seeing that tiny body and hearing that fast heart. It's seriously makes me say, "Lord I'm amazed." Aren't his creations awesome?
We even got a little 3D peek at the baby! I can see a little personality forming already!
This picture from our 15 week appointment isn't as clear (head is on the left) but I'm still thankful to see the little thang.
After our appointment we had my sister put together our little announcement to send out to friends and extended family and the rest of the world. It's been nice to be able to talk about it with friends and coworkers and not feel like I have a little secret (even if it's a good one). 
My students we're so funny when they found out, they were going around the room telling each other and drawing pictures of said baby. I was out a day for an appt. and they thought I was gone to have the baby, so they were quick to ask when I returned where I had been. It's all the talk in my room!
Now it's time to get started on those bumpdates!

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