Saturday, April 5, 2014

Baby H3 {16 Weeks}

Here is my first bumpdate for baby H3!
(Should've worn sunglasses for this one!)
How far along: 16 weeks

Size of the baby: avocado
Weight Gain/Loss: +3 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Starting to wear some-at that awkward stage wear maternity clothes are too big and regular clothes are too tight.

Gender: We think we may have an idea after the ultrasound last week, but doctor said it's too early to confirm. We'll wait and see!

Movement: Beginning to feel some little flutters if I lay still at night.

Sleep: Needing lots of it! I think I'm finally over the hump of being wide awake from 3-4 am every morning.

What I miss: Not going to the bathroom every hour and sleeping on my stomach!

Cravings: Lots of food and water! I've never been so thirsty in my life!

Symptoms: Lots of symptoms-thankfully the nausea is mostly over and I'm feeling a little less tired.

Best moment this week: Letting the secret out! It's been fun for everyone to know, especially my students. They are so funny about it! And I don't have to wear big shirts and scarves every day :)

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Jennifer said...

Yay!!! We need to get together please! :)