Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I love Thanksgiving. The Macy's Day Parade, the turkey, the fall weather, the family, the pies, the hashbrown casserole, remembering that we are more blessed than we know, the mashed potatoes and hot rolls. I love it all. And really I just love the spirit on thankfulness. I think we as a society are way to quick to want and too slow to say thank you and count our blessings. 
Anyway, enough of my preaching here are a few pictures from our day.
These two are so silly.  
I love the turkey shirt that my mom made Hayden! And doesn't he look so handsome in that blazer?
It's not very often that ALL of the grandkids on Ryan's side are together. So here they are! All 9 of them together! 
And with that many toddler you never know what you're going to get! 
They love to run the backyard together!
We loved spending time with my family too! The boys love their aunts and uncles and one cousin ;) It is obviously just different having seven cousins to play with at the other house. But they are both equally special in so many ways. We really do have SO much to be thankful for.

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