Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hayden's Party {Decor on a Budget}

I LOVE to throw parties! I especially like to make a big deal of my boys's birthday parties! However I work really hard to make it cute, but not costly! So I thought I'd show you Hay's party and tell you about the details!
Let's start with my splurge! I HAD to splurge on these cookies from a friend in OKC. Everytime I see her work I'm amazed at the perfect of her design. SO this is the one item I though deserved the $$. 
These chalkboard signs are SO incredibly expensive right now. Upwards of $25+. I made mine for a total of $2.50. My sister made the page for me and I took it to Office Depot. They charged me $1.50 to print it as a 16x20. I went next door to the Dollar Tree and bought a foam board for a $1 of course. It was bigger than I needed so I just cut it down to size. I usually have a bottle of Mod Podge around and a sponge brush. I use that to adhere it to the board and DONE! $2.50 for a cute sign! 
I wanted to use the colors and prints from his room. So I just added the thank you and some cardstock behind it. I bought these bags at Hobby Lobby and put animal crackers in them that I already had. I think I spent $2 for the bags and $1 on the paper. 
My mom bought me this number 1 and a piece of scrapbook paper after we had the conversation about making one. But I would say this project cost about $3. 
The food table. I try to stick with snacks and use foods we will eat the leftovers. We had cheese & crackers, fruit & dip, and chex mix. I bought the crackers and Chex Mix at SAM's. Our SAM's just opened so I found them both on sale. And we have plenty left for lunches and snacks! 
I bough the plates and napkins on clearance at Target and for 20 plates, 20 small plates, and napkins I spent around $8. 
SAM's also has the best deal on cakes and cupcakes! This set of cupcakes and a smash cake cost me $11! And it always taste great too! I got another set too and used it for his cake smash/1st birthday session that I photographed.
You might notice the chicken nuggets at the back of the table. Long story short-I had a bad experience and got a free nugget tray. I saved it for Hay's party. I don't suggest you have a bad experience or complain just for the freebies, but I saved it and used it to feed a lot of people! 
I decorated the window and the front of the table with Hay's monthly pictures. I spent $4.50 on the ribbon, $6 on paper, and $4 for the pictures!
I always keep things for sweet tea at my house because I'm addicted. I also try to keep lemonade around for LifeGroup or a treat for Hud. I did buy more lemonade for the party but already had the tea!
I made this banner on the computer with FREE scrapbook pages from Pinterest. And ribbon from the picture project! And a teacher always has cardstock, right?!
I also bought two balloons at the Dollar Tree for a whole $2.
That comes to about $30 on decor and paper goods.
I spent $22 on 2 cakes and 20 cupcakes.
And probably another $25 on the other party food.
That's about $75 for a party! You can't rent somewhere for less than $150 these days and you have to bring your own cake!

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