Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hayden's Party {Fun}

Okay my last post was about a party on a budget. One more tip: buy the birthday shirts when they are on sale! This cost me about $10 to have made from my favorite Etsy shop! 
Hayden loves his cousin! She's just small enough for him to pick on {for now} 
He thinks those bows on her head are a bit ridiculous. The mommies disagree!
The birthday boy and I. I love my little chunk SO much. And check out the look on his face. just. plain.ornery.
               Hudson loved having his cousin/friends there! They sat around and chatted like old men.
Hayden was blessed with some fun gifts! He really didn't know what to think of the unwrapping madness. 
This is the card Hudson made this brother ;) 
The only thing Hayden really wanted to do was snuggle his new jammies. He's such a funny boy.
Gigi & Pops got Hayden a Radio Flyer bike. He mostly pushes it around the house, but he still loves it. This is our attempt at a family party pic, Hilarious.  
The picture on the left shows his confusion because everyone was singing. The picture on the right shows his digust that we expected him to eat cake. He wouldn't touch it. We attempted at the cake smash and at the party and he DID NOT LIKE IT! Sorry, I'm just still shocked my chunky one year old doesn't like cake. 
He settled for a sugar cookie instead. 
The twins and one of their long time friends. 
Mommy, daddy and the birthday boy. Everyone else decided to help him eat his cake since he wouldn't.
I love my smiling one year old. We had so much fun partying with our friends and family. 
And after the party he got his big one year old chair! {Hud got the same present for his first birthday}He loves to sit in it. Getting out is another story. It's titled face plant.
Anyway, we had a blast-one year old style!

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