Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Rangers Game

As long as I've known my husband he's been a Texas Rangers fan. So taking his boys to their first game was SO fun for him!
They handed out these teeny tiny bats on our walk to the stadium, just Hudson's size! 
Hudson was so ready to get into the stadium and find our seats! He however was not very happy about high up we were. He had to be carried down the stairs in the stadium to get to our seats, he's definitely my child!
Hudson loved seeing his cousins! They were telling secrets ;)
The main reason we made the trip is because my brother in law had the honor of playing the national anthem. They sounded amazing! 
Unfortunately it wasn't an exactly great weather day for baseball. It was rainy and really cloudy. Thankfully the rain didn't fall the whole game. It came in small spurts, but it was definitely enough to keep us wet! 
I took a picture of our very cloudy view of the mega stadium that is home to the Dallas Cowboys! 
Ryan and his brothers attempted to eat the $26 Boomstick. It laid across 1 1/2 stadium seats! Talk about stuffed!
Unfortunately for my husband we didn't last the whole game; but with a three year old, ten month old and rainy weather it was to be expected. We had a great time anyway and really enjoyed getting to hear Legacy Brass! Ryan is one proud brother!

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