Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hayden Greer {10 months}

Hayden you are 10 months!
You weigh 21.5 lbs
You are about 28 inches long

You wear mostly 6 or 9 month clothes, but recently we have moved into 12 month jammies. You wear size 4 diapers.
You don't wear shoes and aren't really a fan of things on your feet.

You are strictly on the bottle now and it was sad but thankfully it worked out perfectly. Mommy got sick after school started and I was on medicine and could not nurse you. Once I got better you were just really not interested in laying still long enough to nurse. It wasn't worth the stress or fight if you weren't interested. I'm so glad you made it 9 months though!! You love your bottle and have been on the bottle since you were an itty bitty so the transition was really easy!

You eat all kinds of fruits and veggies, mostly with your fingers. We are also starting to introduce you to some meats and cheeses. You love snacks like puffs, veggies straws, and animal crackers. You are drinking a little bit from a cup, but you love to sling that thing around and make a big mess!

You still don't have any teeth! I'm so surprised, but I love that gummy smile!

You are always on the go! You love to stand and you push any kind of furniture or toy you can around the house. You let go, but don't have enough balance to stay standing. I can only imagine how soon you will be taking off though, yikes!

You climb stairs, step stools and fireplaces hearths and anything else you can get to. You try to be sneaky and fast so you can get there before we catch you. Not gonna lie, sometimes you just are.

You're working on saying mama, dada, bye bye and papa. Sometimes you get sounds and sometimes it's just your lips making the motion. You coo and say lots through your laugh! 
You are trying to clap and wave bye bye. You also are thinking about saying "more" in sign language, but aren't very consistent about that yet.

When mommy gets home from work I have to pick you up immediately. If you see me and I don't come straight to you you will whine. It's really sad but sweet at the same time. You love your mama ;)

You and your brother like to make each other laugh. You will look at him and just wait for him to laugh  and then you laugh too. It's hilarious! 

We love you so much our chunky monkey and busy baby! We cannot imagine life without you! You are so happy and have so much joy! Happy Birthday sweet baby, we are so thankful for every day we have with you!
Love & kisses,
Mommy, Daddy & Hudson

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