Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hayden Greer {11 Months}

Hayden this is your last monthly post before the big one! I can't believe it!
You weight around 22 pounds.
You are about 28 inches long.

You are wearing a combination of 6, 9 and 12 month clothes. Being short and chunky means you need a bigger size for width and a smaller size for height! But we love your chunky body, it's SO cute!

You drink several bottles throughout the day, mostly at naps and bedtime and a few others too.
You love your cups of juice and water that mostly mean soaked clothes!

You eat all kinds of food! For breakfast you have some combination of fruit, toast, eggs and yogurt.
For lunch you have cheese, meat, fruits and veggies.
For dinner you are starting to have more of what we are eating.

You finally broke through two top teeth! They are slowly, but surely working their way out!

You want to stand up and go so bad! You are holding onto everything you can push around the house.

You aren't afraid of climbing anything really. However you very slowly and carefully go down the one step into our living room as if it were a dangerous feat. 

You are not much of a talker. You babble a little bit and when you do talk it tends to be a whisper. You are working on mama, dada, and bye bye. 

You love to wave bye bye, clap (one fist and one hand) sign more when you're hungry and shake your head no.

Your hair was some kind of crazy mullet so we went for a trim. I was hoping to keep the shag look, but it turned into a full blown haircut. Mommy was so sad that it was all gone and you often pull at your hair, but it's not there.

You are always smiling and laughing. You have the most contagious smile and I love when you smile with your eyes. 

I can't believe you will be ONE next month my sweet boy. You bring us SO much joy. We love you to the moon and back.

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