Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I'm doing a short live retell of Easter so I can remember Hay's first ;)
Saturday morning we went for an Easter egg hunt at Silver Creek. We took some photo opportunities at the cute & festive photo booth!

He had no idea what was really going on!
Addie ALWAYS has to hold this boy!
Hud dyed eggs with Gigi.
Hud hunted eggs and got more sweets than we needed!
Hay sat in the Easter eggs and was NOT too happy about it!
And then Addie sat in the eggs with Hay. He liked that a little better.
More photo booth fun!
Sunday morning we started with Easter basket fun.
Hayden got some cereal and Sophie the giraffe {kept it simple for a little guy who has no idea}. He loves that little squeaker!
Hud was SO excited for some new sandals!
And a water bottle which he got up and down the pew to drink one million times during church.
Side note: Wearing Christmas pajamas while opening Easter basket presents=real life.
Love that face more than words can tell.
They were the most handsome things I've ever seen in those matching bow ties. A.dor.able.
Three of my favorite guys in the world.
We were so lucky to have a slew of family around for the weekend! Just for my memories sake I'm listing the family we had: Dave, Judy, Bobby, Angie & Connar (and friend Thomas). Plus the whole clan of us Oklahomans! The house was packed!
Cute couple!
Don't know how he ended up with these!

So toddlers and lunch and cute outfits don't mix. So before church Sunday evening we had a little outfit change and therefore took another photo opportunity.
I am so thankful for three great guys!
My handsome man!

Above all it was great to sing and worship and celebrate our Jesus who died and rose again. It's so cool to hear Hudson talk and ask questions about what happened. He wants to know about the "bad guys" that he sees in his picture bible taking Jesus away and the crown He wore and what Easter means. I could care less if he remembers that we dyed Easter eggs or what was in his basket. I just want him to know that Jesus that loved us enough. Enough to die. Thank you, Lord, for your perfect plan!

But take heart!  I have overcome the world.
John 16:33

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